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Memphis Audio 15-MXA62TS 6-1/2" Gray Tower Speakers Swivel

Marine Tower Speakers

$500.00 Regular Price
$250.00Sale Price
  • uild a tower of power Wakeboarding and water skiing are not the quietest of outdoor activities (That would likely be birdwatching.), so if you want to enjoy some music while you're out on the water, you'll need some high-performance tower speakers. Thunder from above Memphis Audio's MXA62T wakeboard tower speakers have the thrust you need to hear your tunes over the engine and wind noise. Designed for use with wakeboard towers up to 3" in diameter, these marine-grade speakers are made to produce serious sound while withstanding a sometimes-harsh environment. Each 6-1/2" speaker handles up to 100 watts RMS, so you'll have no trouble hearing your tunes while you're tearing around the lake. And if you kick up some spray (which you will), water-resistant woofers, compression horn tweeters, and durable rubber surrounds ensure that your speakers will keep rockin' for seasons to come. A seriously sturdy housing The UV-resistant plastic shell stands up to sun and salt, while marine-rated aluminum mounting hardware keeps your speakers secure. The swiveling mount rotates 360 degrees, so you can always point your sound where you need it to go. Available in gray or white.

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